Rustic Floor Part 2: Installation

This was a troublesome install until we figured out methods to deal with boards which were not perfectly flat or straight.

I milled the floor boards out of cedar fence pickets.
I understand some of you will question this choice. I’m familiar with the properties of cedar and the homeowners understand the problems that can arise. We discussed this at length.
The finish is a water based polyurethane.


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5 Responses to Rustic Floor Part 2: Installation

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    Nice looking floor.


  2. Looks nice 🙂 I have a friend that collected Free pallets for about a year, removed all the boards, nails, etc. then ran each board thru the planner. Once that was done he used the pallets boards for flooring. Most of the boards were oak but he also had some cherry and maple too. Once the floor was done he applied poly and it looked great. All the wood was free from the pallets.


  3. Great looking floor, I like the rustic look better than the traditions finish look.


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