Book Review: By Hand & Eye by George R. Walker & Jim Tolpin

When this video by Jim Tolpin came out, By Hand & Eye went immediately to the top of my reading list.

I read this book yesterday, on probably the prettiest day so far this spring.  I absolutely could not walk away from it.  There were more than a few things I could/should have been doing, but found myself completely under the spell of proportions.

The text is very easy to read.  The pictures are beautiful, and there are several drawing exercises to play with.  I felt not like I was droning through some technical manual and more like some friends were sharing some lost secret with me.  The writing was crafted in such a way that I was carried from identifying simple shapes to completely deconstructing classic orders almost without realizing it was happening.  I couldn’t read it fast enough.

Before I read this book, design intimidated me.  I have weak drawing skills, no patience to learn SketchUp, and I prefer story sticks to rulers.  Can you relate?

Only a few other books have so drastically changed my perspective.  My hat is off in appreciation to George R. Walker, Jim Tolpin, and Lost Art Press.  Yesterday I became a better woodworker.


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