A Return to YouTube

I’ve decided to start putting together some YouTube videos from home.  Until the shop situation gets ironed out, I’m left with time on my hands and a bad ache to get some momentum going.  There are certainly enough projects I can make (and film) right here.
Hand tool work has always been my favored way of doing as many operations as possible.

The noise and dust of a production setting is annoying.  In the first shop of my own I had very little space, so I made little projects mostly with hand tools.  It seems I’ve come full circle somehow.

I started filming with my phone the other day to test the quality of the footage.  It’ll do for now, I think.  This is my first video in 5 years, so it’ll take some time to relearn the whole process.  And some more time yet to improve.


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2 Responses to A Return to YouTube

  1. Nice man. Can’t wait to see them!


  2. Kinderhook88 says:

    Thanks, I’m already busy with the next. Hopefully I can fix the auto focus thing.


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