This is Why I’m No Good at Math

It’s the simplest operations that trip me up.

I’ve been trying to get another website going that will be devoted to woodworking.  Most of you reading this already know, and if you’ve been following for a while you also know math is what kept me out of college.

Intelligence isn’t the problem.  I was in advanced placement English in high school, and probably would have majored in literature.  I’ve heard that my problem is called “intellectual laziness”, the tendency to give up quickly when faced with an intellectually challenging task.  Algebra bored me to tears.  I know that’s an awful thing to say, and it could be argued that it held me back in life.  To this day, I have never looked back and wished I had learned anything other than geometry.  (Which I did well with, btw.)

Learning math is like learning another language.  And so is website development.  So it’s taking me longer to get my other website working properly than I think it should.  I got this one working, after all.

I posted this today.  Go ahead check it out, I’ll wait here…

Looks ok, right?  Now click on the Home button in the menu bar.

nothingYou see my frustration?  This is why I hate math.  I came up with the wrong answer somehow, and now I have to “check my work”.  If anyone has any helpful input, I’d love to hear it.  Until then, I’ll be going through all the menu options and hoping the teacher sees me raising my hand.


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9 Responses to This is Why I’m No Good at Math

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I like the banner graphic a lot. As a woodworker it says “yeah, I can make something really cool out of this” good luck.


  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    I don’t really have to say that I’m with you on this, do I? But I’m with you on it all the same. I used to sit in algebra and want to weep. And we actually had (as far as I could tell) a good teacher.


    • Kinderhook88 says:

      Indeed, you are one of the few that does understand. I think complicated math problems and website development are better left to people who want to deal with them. I just want to cut boards and build stuff.


  3. Greg Merritt says:

    Hi, I’m waaay late on this, but… add a “Home” button to the menu bar in WordPress.
    In the Dashboard go to…

    …….type in your URL and the desired title “Home” then click the button.
    You can then drag the menu items into the order that you want.
    Hope that helps.


  4. Kinderhook88 says:

    Never to late, Greg. I’m glad you stopped by! Thanks for this, but the problem is a bit more complicated. Posts weren’t appearing on the home page, so adding it to the menu just took you to a blank space. I’ve recently had a life changing event and had to shelf that website for now. I’ll be getting back to it in the next couple weeks.


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