Workbench Progress

The workbench is coming along nicely.  Even though what I’m making is actually a prototype, I’ve got a lot of time in it.  I intend to actually use this bench for awhile to see if I’m comfortable working with it.  If I like it enough, I’ll make a really nice one with proper joinery.

The legs are glued laminations, and I didn’t dress the lumber at all.  I don’t have many clamps, so I screwed them together until the glue dried.  I also glued and screwed the crossmembers.  After all that I removed all the screws and filled the holes.

I should point out that the legs are made up of four pieces.  In order to avoid chopping angled mortises, I just cut shorter pieces at the same angle and left a boards-width gap in the center for the stretcher.

It’s still in a fairly rough state, but I’ve done some planing and sawing on it and I’m really happy with how stable it is.


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8 Responses to Workbench Progress

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Nice practical approach, including the whole prototype thing.


  2. Greg Merritt says:

    I like the look of it. The base would make a handsome table.
    As long as its stable and suits the work you do, your set.


  3. Jeff Branch says:

    That looks like a Moravian workbench. Is that what you based it on?


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