Damn You, WordPress!

This is actually the biggest problem I have in my life right now.  I absolutely should count my blessings instead of whining about WordPress.  But I’m going to anyway.

I had every intention of publishing the bent wood ring post on Monday, and then all of a sudden I had a whole new problem to figure out.  If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been having problems with my other website.  Some of you already know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, and I’m not going to get into it other than to say that one is less hassle than the other.  My new site has been plagued with problems to do with “PHP Time Limit” and “PHP Max Input Vars”.  Whatever.  I was able to get my webhost tech support to help me fix all that.  More than once, I might add, because one of those problems kept coming back.

Server Error

No helpful information whatsoever

Now I’m having an issue that prevents me from saving any edits on posts.  I try to change a sentence or move a picture and boom – “500 Server Error”.  My understanding of this error message is that it’s comparable to the check engine light in your car – it could be any number of things.  I’m thinking it might be time for some professional assistance.


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5 Responses to Damn You, WordPress!

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Who is hosting your site? We have a hosted (GoDaddy) WordPress site for our company website and we have never had the kinds of problems people complain about.


    • Kinderhook88 says:

      Bluehost. Most of the problems I’m having are related to my theme, but the server error is almost certainly a webhost issue. I’ve also gotten Jetpack notifications that my site is down several times over the past couple weeks. It’s only for a few minutes at a time, but that’s a few minutes too many for paid hosting.

      My domain is registered with GoDaddy, but I went with Bluehost for a reason I can’t remember right now. If this nonsense keeps up, I’ll consider switching – but that’s a whole other can of worms I’m not sure I want to open up.

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  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    Arghhhh. (That’s a cry of sympathy, in case it’s not clear.)

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