Makeshift Shooting Board Success!

In preparation for the Chisel Rack video, I put together this shooting board:


This is not meant to be a permanent fixture, as it’s made from pine and simply screwed together.  I’m just working with small projects right now, so it’s acceptable.  The #4 handplanes aren’t really great for shooting, but it’s all I have at the moment.  At some point I will be reunited with my jack plane, and I have plans to build my own wooden bodied planes as well.

I used to have a prejudice against dimensioned stock at the big box stores.  I mention this because I’m obliged to use it pretty much exclusively right now.  If you’re regularly producing product for sale, the store bought stuff is too expensive to make a fair profit (depending on what you’re producing).  It’s much better to buy rough lumber and surface it yourself.  Since I’m limited to just a #4 plane, I’m only using it for cleaning up after my saw cuts.

On a side note, my free trial ran out on SketchUp.  One feature that went away was the “Export to PDF” thing.  I knew some of the features of the pro version would disappear, but that one threw me for a loop.  Since I don’t have $700 lying around to buy the pro version and Adobe Acrobat isn’t exactly free either, my plan to offer plans has screeched to a halt.



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7 Responses to Makeshift Shooting Board Success!

  1. Brian Clites says:

    Nice work! I like hand-drawn plans more than Sketchup, so don’t let the software stop you from sharing your ideas!


  2. Dan Antion says:

    BullZip pdf printer. It works really well and it’s free.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    I posted that before I finished. I also use TurboCAD. the Deluxe version is usually available for under $150. I used to have the Pro version but the Deluxe version has everything I need. It’s 2D and 3D and I think it reads SketchUp files.


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