Lesson Learned

It feels good to complete a project.

Chisel Rack

Too much joinery

I finally finished the chisel rack.  Up until now, I have uploaded fairly short videos to YouTube.  I had no idea what I was getting into with the chisel rack video.  I stopped about halfway through the project to have a look at the raw footage and realized there was over an hour of it.  I simply underestimated the scope of the project.  With a little more filming/editing experience under my belt, I may revisit this.  Or maybe I’ll go ahead and post a long video at some point.  With dovetailed corners, housing joints, rabbets and a dovetailed stretcher I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it under an hour.  I thought about posting a series of articles on how I approached each joint and short videos to go with them, but I have to move on for now.  I have other projects pending.  Ah well, it was a learning experience.

I uploaded a video anyway, which is mostly just an apology:

And some happier news – I needed some custom dowels to go with the next couple of projects I’ll be working on, so I made a video about how I make them.  I also wrote an Instructables article to go with it.  I’ve done three Instructables articles now, and all three have been featured.



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6 Responses to Lesson Learned

  1. Dan Antion says:

    That was fun to watch. Nice job.

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  2. mrz0420 says:

    there are tons of how to videos on each of the joints used, as well as “raw live” videos on YouTube, yours is “fresh and well presented”. If lighting and close ups are worked on you will have a great video. But, you did a great video. “Be confident, you will and confident you will, become”-Yoda, I think.

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  3. I’ve heard of people using their spare rooms for woodworking but a room as nice as yours my wife would string me up by my ears, you must have a very considerate second half. The dowel making project is a great way to learn as you mentioned in your video to control your plane. Learn to do this well and you will take the frustration out of hand planing. One thing to consider is to extend your fore finger when planing, as like sawing this will aid you in keeping a straight line. This is of great benefit when your edge planing. Great video and hope to see some more.

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