Sidecar Crib

When I was asked to make a crib for my best friend’s expectant daughter, I immediately started dreaming of splayed dovetails and arts and crafts design elements.  This was not to be.  She wanted it as simple as the one she found here on Instructables.

I have no problem with these very basic projects.  In fact, I like them very much for the simple reason that I love woodworking.  I don’t need to be challenged on every project.  It’s the love of shaping wood that drives me, not the end result.

My crib is just a bit different than the one that inspired it.  I changed the structure underneath and I added some gentle curves around the top edge.  More important, I improved the overall joinery.  The sides have a shallow rabbet to receive the back, and all three sides have a rabbet on the bottom edge to receive the plywood.  Upgrading the joinery from butt joints to rabbet joints makes the structure much more solid.

The trim piece in the front was my indulgence.

Here’s the video:


And a few pictures:

Now the crib is off to be painted.  I’ll post finished pictures when it’s done.


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6 Responses to Sidecar Crib

  1. mrz0420 says:

    I get it bro’ working for a custom furniture place here in Austin. SAME problem. Build what they want says the boss. Sir Yes Sir. Some are blah and uninspired but it’s $$$$$.


    • Kinderhook88 says:

      “Build what they want and do it quick” is the name of that game. Ironically, I both loved and hated working in production for that reason. Sometimes it’s fun to kick out a project as fast as you can.

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  2. Greg Merritt says:

    Sometimes you just need to get something put together. I think that we somehow have been convinced that everything we build must be done with intricate joinery or it is not “real” woodworking. We have forgotten the simple joy of making something useful.

    The sidecar crib turned out great and I look forward to seeing it after its painted. It’s a pretty cool idea and I would have liked to have had one about fifteen years ago. Well done!


  3. Dan Antion says:

    Nicely done. Keep the customer satisfied.


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