Past Project – Kaleidoscope

My daughter and her husband just bought their first home.  While she was showing me around, I noticed a something in one of the storage containers (it was semi-transparent).  I asked if I could dig it out and sure enough, it was exactly what I thought it was.

kaleidoscope1It’s always really satisfying to see something you’ve made and given away.  I was very surprised that it was in exactly the same condition as when I gave it to her, because somehow I neglected to put any kind of finish on it.  I also can’t remember when I made it.  It must have been before I moved back to Virginia from North Carolina in 2008.  This might explain the absence of finish – I was in a hurry and probably just gave it to her with the intention of finishing it later.  In any case, she took very good care of it.  And it was really cool to see it again.

I made this after seeing one similar in a magazine.  The body is maple and the ends are cherry.  I tried several hole sizes and configurations before I settled on this arrangement.  I cut the mirrors myself and put 1/8″ plexiglass in the ends, to prevent glass shards from getting in anyone’s eye (in case it was dropped).

I’m not going to reveal construction details in this post, but I’m sure to make a video about it and probably an Instructables article as well.


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5 Responses to Past Project – Kaleidoscope

  1. What a great Blog, Kinderhook!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Very nice. I really like the way cherry and maple compliment each other.


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