A Vinegar Bath to Remove Rust

Today I went to get a container to soak the plates of my new (old) saws.  As I started to remove the sawnuts, I found that each saw had one that just spun when I turned the screw.  Drat!  What to do about frozen saw nuts?  After a quick google search, I found an article by Bad Axe Tool Works with a solution that seemed obvious the moment I saw it.

The remedy was to drill a clearance hole in one jaw of a handscrew clamp.  This localizes the pressure on the nut, while leaving the screw free to turn.

Since my woodworking tools are in PA right now, it was off to the big box store to buy a clamp.  I got a ridiculously big one because it was literally the only one on the shelf.

I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out something like this without guidance?

Without further ado, I picked up a couple of tools at an antique shop at a nice discount.  The store was having a clearance sale because they were closing.  I haven’t looked too close at the manufacturers of the planes, but the folding rule is a Stanley.  The irons went into the vinegar bath with the saw plates.  I’ll gather some more information after all the steel is cleaned up.

And here’s the vinegar bath in a comically large container.  I wanted it big enough for the plates to lay flat comfortably.  Tomorrow evening I’ll give them all a nice scrub.

I haven’t decided exactly how I want to reinforce the handle when I glue it up.  The breaks are all very clean and the joints all tighten up with hand pressure.  I’m going to glue this all up, and then maybe rout in some inlays across the grain.


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7 Responses to A Vinegar Bath to Remove Rust

  1. Escagedo Woodworking says:

    Awesome, I enjoyed it!!

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  2. Michael Lawing says:

    Cool stuff!


  3. Ellen Hawley says:

    I had no idea vinegar would loosen rust. I’ll tuck that trick away to use one of these days. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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