The A-Frame Project

Last fall I installed an exterior door for some very nice folks that just bought a house.  I’ve hung a lot of doors over the years, some go well and others don’t.  This one took me 17 hours, but it went about as well as you can imagine – considering I had to replace a door that swung out with one that swung in.  You might say “So what? How could it take so long?”

Exterior doors in houses always swing in.  There are a few reasons for this, with security being the most important.  Imagine if the hinges were on the outside of your door…

Typically you will see outswing exterior doors on sheds and storage, not out to the deck from your kitchen.  The way the jamb legs are milled creates a problem with the existing trim, both inside and out, because it’s thicker to the outside.  This means the trim on the inside of the house needs to be removed and cut shorter, and the outside vinyl had to be meddled with.

I was talking to a friend about this when he asked me if I would install a new front door for him.  I didn”t know at the time, but I would be working on his house for the next two months.  During that time I installed the door, new countertops and sink, new floors in two rooms, tongue and groove pine on the ceiling and stained base trim and quarter-round throughout the first floor.

Old Door

Out with the old

New Door

In with the new

Next time, I’ll show you the new countertops and tell you about the Great Chiseling.


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2 Responses to The A-Frame Project

  1. Dan Antion says:

    A lot of work for a door, but nicely done.


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