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Some Happy News

Shortly after posting about my crazy April, we had a torrential rain storm.  Flash flooding caused the mulch to wash over the retaining wall into the basement stairwell, blocking the drain.  Fortunately for us, the rain stopped before flooding the whole … Continue reading

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Finishing a Basement Room

Simple, straightforward transformation from an unused space into a media room. Woodworking is my passion, but this is what pays the bills.

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Radiant Heat Floor

New tile floor with radiant heat. Also – we re-grouted existing tile, and painted.

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Luxury Shower Upgrade

Master bath remodel with custom shower and wall niches. Tilework by Michael Spears.

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Finished Attic Space

We turned this unused attic space above the garage into a massive walk-in closet.

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Tear it Out and Put it Back

A tile floor upgrade can “trap” a dishwasher in place. If you should need to replace the dishwasher, and there’s not enough clearance under the countertop, this may be the only solution.

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Hickory Floor

Living room and 3 bedrooms. Homeowner was going to replace the trim, all I did was install.

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Structural Damage

This was supposed to be a simple door replacement. What I found was an incorrect installation. The exterior trim and the jamb had been wrapped in metal, but not caulked. The result was an alarming amount of hidden damage. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Rustic Floor Part 2: Installation

This was a troublesome install until we figured out methods to deal with boards which were not perfectly flat or straight. I milled the floor boards out of cedar fence pickets. I understand some of you will question this choice. … Continue reading

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Rustic Floor Part 1: Joinery

Joining the boards was incredibly time consuming. Each board gets a tongue on one edge and one end, and grooves opposing. It’s installed exactly the same as store bought flooring.

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